Making holidays work

With the holiday season in full swing, work and organisational psychologist Jessica de Bloom takes a tour of the world of vacation research.

‘How long should a man’s vacation be?’ was the title of an article in the New York Times in 1910, in which businessmen, academics and politicians discussed whether vacations for the working classes were necessary and why. Today, European workers enjoy a minimum of 20 days paid annual leave (plus statutory days) and the tourism industry employs more than 260 million people worldwide. Does that mean we have the answers to the intriguing questions raised in a newspaper more than 100 years ago?
Not quite.

Our journey will pass major theories and milestones of research on recovery from work, and get an overview of findings on vacation effects. As a souvenir of your trip, you’ll be given some practical tips to make the most of your next holiday.

Memory and music at the BBC Proms

Professor Susan Hallam MBE reviews a musical performance and a lecture from Professor Daniel Levitin.

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Crossing into the digital realm

Sarah Riley, Adrienne Evans, Christine Griffin, Yvette Morey and Helen Murphy look at the issues for researchers in online and digital research. Watch their discussion too!

Teenagers debunked

A transcript of 'The Psychologist presents…' at Latitude Festival, supported by the Wellcome Trust. The discussion was chaired by our editor Dr Jon Sutton, and featured Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Fiona Neill.

It’s not just cricket

As the 2015 Ashes series comes to England, Jamie Barker and Matt Slater consider the psychology at play.

Breaking out of the silo mentality

Rachel Shaw and Nollaig Frost argue for pluralism and mixed methods, introducing this month's special feature.

Psychology - heaven and hell

We are celebrating the 10th birthday of our Research Digest blog, with an evening event in London on 9 December.

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