Why magazines matter

As we relaunch, our journalist Ella Rhodes considers style and impact in the printed form.

'J.M. Barrie was a close observer of human and animal behaviour’

Chris Frith meets Rosalind Ridley, to discuss her book on the mind of the Peter Pan author.

Overrated: The predictive power of attachment

Elizabeth Meins with the first in an occasional series, where psychologists choose the concepts they feel are overrated or underrated.

Writing for impact

With its relaunch, The Psychologist aims to reflect and encourage the trend for clear science communication. Here, regular contributors give their views on the benefits of engaging a wide audience. First up, Steve Reicher and Alex Haslam.

The real deal

Stephen Joseph calls for more research into the psychology of authenticity.

The limits of empathy

Diana Kwon on when walking in another’s shoes is not enough.

Migration and mental illness

Marjory Harper delves into archives for tales of alien environments and unfulfilled expectations.

‘Real things are just endlessly fascinating’

We meet James Pennebaker. Our editor Jon Sutton poses the questions, on expressive writing, humour in teaching and more.

Dr Ian C. Murphy 1936-2016

Are empathic people more altruistic?

Listening in

British Psychological Society Book Award

Seven broken hearts, seven racing minds

Failure as a platform to learn

What I seek… when I want a busman’s holiday

Allan McNeill 1958-2016

A welcome spirit of openness

No justice, no peace

The true colours of the Middle Ages

Countering hopelessness and frustration

Join a CLaN

Fierce and hopeful

Sense in the face of hostility

A busy month for… Hugo Spiers

President’s letter, January 2017

Liminality and the stuff of life

We have an unfortunate tendency to assume we’re morally superior to others

Positive guidance to get through the maze

The Psychologist Reborn!

CREST funding opportunity

Multiple choices on assessment

Influential neuroscientists

What has The Psychologist ever done for us?

Mind awards

A is for… Altruism

‘There are so many ways to share research’

The drugs education that my school skipped