The Psychologist Guide to… Leadership

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists for evidence-based tips. Sponsored by Goldsmiths Institute of Management Studies.

'What shall I tell my child?'

Dr Khadj Rouf interviews Dr Jemma Hogwood, Clinical Psychologist, about her work with survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

Leicester's lesson in leadership

A leader is not 'the special one', but 'the one who makes us special', argue S. Alexander Haslam and Stephen D. Reicher.

Brain injury and crime

Ryan Aguiar suggests that neuropsychology needs to think differently.

Beyond individual therapy

David Harper looks towards a psychosocial approach to public mental health.

Absent fathers and sexual strategies

Sarah E. Hill, Randi P. Proffitt Leyva and Danielle J. DelPriore take an evolutionary approach and uncover some surprising findings.

One on one… with Victoria Simms

‘I pull on my trainers and go for a run’

Dangerous deviation or creative responsiveness?

Matt Selman on improvisation and therapy, in the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information).

Air raids and the crowd – citizens at war

Edgar Jones explores how British people responded to air raids during the Second World War, and what this tells us about coping under extreme stress.

‘You seldom heal… you live with cancer’

Ian Florance meets Cordelia Galgut to discuss how diagnosis and treatment has affected her work as a counselling psychologist.

History of psychology boost in US

New Society President stirs debate

LSD – ‘game-changing’ study?

Effects of boarding school

'Psychology and politics needs you!'

More male psychologists?

Royal Society Fellowship

Assisted suicide and mental disorders

Conspiracy in the pub

‘Corny tricks’ as psychology

Springboard to research success

Professor Patrick O’Donnell (1947–2016)

From the Research Digest June 2016

Dr Adrian Bakes (1950–2016)

A conventional treatment of Milgram's work

With books in mind

Book Reviews - June 2016

Tackling sexual violence at university

Helping the BPS to punch its weight

A world of diminishing boundaries

5 minutes with... Emily Frith

President's Letter - June 2016

Are we punching our weight?

Our journalist Ella Rhodes asks whether psychology is having the desired impact, through the media and policy.

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The silent companions

Ben Alderson-Day considers explanations for ‘feelings of presence’.

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The survival secrets of solitaries

Ian O’Donnell finds resilience and growth in a most unlikely environment.

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Can psychology find a path to peace?

As the UK's Parliament votes to allow bombing in Syria, we ask - are there evidence-based ways to resolve this conflict?

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Why demography needs psychologists

Gillian Pepper, Lisa McAllister and Rebecca Sear look for psychological answers to questions about fertility and population dynamics.

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