The new psychology of health

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection of articles on 'unlocking the social cure'.

‘Every time I sit down with a client I’m privileged to learn something new'

Simon Whalley works as a counselling psychologist at the House Partnership. While stressing that ‘the therapy is about the client, rather than us’, he answered our questions about his life as a psychologist.

‘Coaching has great potential in the world of mental health’

Lauren Bishop on her move into ‘wellness coaching’ and what might come next.

‘Principles define you as a person’

'One on One' with Sarb Bajwa, the British Psychological Society’s new Chief Executive.

Scaffolding a stronger society

In the concluding piece in our special feature on The New Psychology of Health, Catherine Haslam on moving beyond social prescribing, by applying Groups 4 Health to unlock the social cure.

How groups beat depression

In the fourth piece in our special collection on The New Psychology of Health, Tegan Cruwys considers the evidence that identifying with others is a sustainable route to wellbeing.

‘Individuals are active agents in their own environments’

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Essi Viding (University College London).

Addiction and the importance of belonging

In the third contribution to our special feature on The New Psychology of Health, Genevieve Dingle takes a social identity route in and out of substance use.

Five words that matter to psychology

Tim Lomas (University of East London) with some highlights from his new books Translating Happiness and The Happiness Dictionary. With five bonus words…

Unlocking the social cure

S. Alexander Haslam introduces a special collection with his ‘Lists for Life’: what will kill you and what will make you stronger?

Reversing the social curse

In the second article in our special collection on The New Psychology Of Health, Jolanda Jetten on when groups are disadvantaged and stigmatised.

Lean in – but how?

Michelle K. Ryan and Teri A. Kirby on why ‘Lean In’ is both an underrated and overrated phenomenon.

A most sensitive and profound portrayal

Digitally submissive

Left wondering why…

Sexual assault and campus culture

Rodney Maliphant (1925–2017)

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Neophilia and schizotypy

Richard Marshall (1956–2018)

Psychological expert evidence and the Parole Board

Fostering the next generation of researchers

The psychology of food, digested

Shadowy puppet masters or snake oil salesmen?

Dealing with digital data

Truth, lies and statistics

The chimp brain takes over

What would an effective mental health service look like?

Featured job May 2018

Room to roam in new ToddlerLab

Beyond non-replicability

Q is for… Quality of Life

Hearing autistic voices

President’s letter May 2018

…divorced by first light?

Winning ways

Why is our teaching still mostly white and Western?

Psychologists and the media – opportunities and challenges

A special feature.

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Placing mind in the metropolis

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists about what we need to bring to our urban spaces.

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The age of illusions

Nicholas Wade looks at the new world of visual illusions that emerged in the 19th century and invigorated psychology.

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Rethinking addiction

Nick Heather challenges the brain disease model.

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