Five depictions of the brain

Andrew P. Wickens (a winner of the British Psychological Society’s Book Award) considers their historical significance.

Chocolate cake, sex, and valuing behaviour

Jonathan Myers looks at how we make choices.

Building spatial skills in preschool

Nora S. Newcombe looks beyond literacy and numeracy.

The creative navigator’s compass

Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins on memory and perception – and how we know which way we are facing.

What some people say about what they think they think

We speak to Professor Brian M. Hughes about his new Palgrave book ‘Rethinking Psychology’, and run an exclusive extract.

‘There is only one mental condition, the human condition’

Martin Seager is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Change, Grow, Live, and Branch Consultant with the Central London Samaritans.

‘Many fairy tales about the brain still propagate through our field’

Our editor Jon Sutton poses the questions on the eve of the publication of Lisa Feldman Barrett’s new book, How Emotions Are Made.

‘It is lonely to be a single voice insisting on holding a fixed ethic…’

Samuel Landau is a community rabbi and a trainee clinical psychologist. Here, he reflects on how wearing these two hats has required frequent consideration of difference, diversity and tolerance.

Fame – who’s gonna live for ever?

Adrian Furnham writes.

Who makes a good companion?

We speak of Dr Sarita J. Robinson about her chapter in a new book 'Doctor Who Psychology', published by Sterling; reprint the chapter; and George Sik reviews the book.

Salute the leader – mask the masses?

Sally Marlow and Mike Thompson collaborate at an exhibition of monumental change.

Alcohol problem

Algorithms and alchemy

Ethics reviews – a ‘two-way street’

Caring for the dying

President’s letter, April 2017

Warm your heart

Are we failing children in care?

Sure to resonate

D is for… Deception

What’s the cure for an academic epidemic?

‘Clear basis for change’ on social justice

Technological innovation and health

A misplaced fear of militarism?

Gustav Jahoda FRSE, FBA (1920–2016)

Virtual learning for autistic children

John Barker 1945-2016

Featured job: Clinical Psychologist, West Kirby Residential School

Playing the Trump card

Zander Wedderburn 1935-2017

Issues that matter

Beyond madness

A brave new world of sleep?

Gareth Gaskell reviews the evidence on memory consolidation during sleep.

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Disengaging morality from robotic war

Albert Bandura on the increasing use of military drones and the psychology that enables it.

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Migration and mental illness

Marjory Harper delves into archives for tales of alien environments and unfulfilled expectations.

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