‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’

Jon Sutton and Aidan Horner speak to the children of psychologists, and the psychologists themselves, about their parenting.

The ‘ugly stepsister’ of the eating disorder family

Nancy Tucker on bulimia nervosa in the latest 'New voices', for budding writers (see for more information).

Learning from Heisenberg

David Pilgrim considers vitalism and other explanations of what it is to be human.

From Montana to Ely via California and Nicaragua…

Ian Florance talks with the Society’s Practitioner of the Year Jill Winegardner, about her journeys working in brain injury rehabilitation.

An educational experience

Helen Owen attempts to plot a route onto an applied doctorate.

No typical shift

Hollie Richardson on volunteering as an e-mail counsellor for ChildLine.

‘I think my parenting was based on gut decisions’

A conversation between Alice Farrington and her father, David P. Farrington.

Learning from educational neuroscience

Annie Brookman considers the potential benefits and concerns in an ever-growing field.

The genetic battle of the sexes

Sofia Deleniv considers the implications of genomic imprinting for social behaviour and mental health.

Positive light on the spectrum?

Clinicians with mental health difficulties

‘Public engagement is key to survival’

Big Picture: The sea as co-therapist

Is your religion making you ill?

Mandatory reporting of sexual abuse

Sugar levy leaves bitter taste

President's Letter, October 2016

Years of Bedlam

The changing face of rest

Warfare and wellbeing

Training for cancer support workers

Down the rabbit hole

From the Rearch Digest, October 2016

Book reviews, October 2016

Engaging the public in applied health research

Behind the masks

William Todd Schultz offers a psychobiography primer.

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Quality and longevity

Dorothy Bishop celebrates the career of one of her academic heroes, Reuben Conrad, as he reaches 100.

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The Psychologist Guide to… Leadership

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists for evidence-based tips. Sponsored by Goldsmiths Institute of Management Studies.

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Are we punching our weight?

Our journalist Ella Rhodes asks whether psychology is having the desired impact, through the media and policy.

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Opium and the people

Joanna Moncrieff examines the socio-economic history of psychoactive drug use.

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The survival secrets of solitaries

Ian O’Donnell finds resilience and growth in a most unlikely environment.

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Can psychology find a path to peace?

As the UK's Parliament votes to allow bombing in Syria, we ask - are there evidence-based ways to resolve this conflict?

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Why demography needs psychologists

Gillian Pepper, Lisa McAllister and Rebecca Sear look for psychological answers to questions about fertility and population dynamics.

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