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What has neuroscience ever done for us?

Jonathan Roiser (winner of the Society’s Spearman Medal 2013) considers the case of mental health.

The exciting side of boredom

Our journalist Ella Rhodes meets psychologists who think boredom has had a bad press.

Looking Back: How it all began

Alan Baddeley describes the origins of the multi-component model of working memory.

Seeing through the double blind

A randomised controlled trial is quality research, right? Not necessarily – Lewis Killin and Sergio Della Sala explain.

Interview: Dispelling mind myths and debunking pseudoscience

Sergio Della Sala lets Lance Workman into his world.

The power of personality

John D. Mayer argues that ‘personal intelligence’ shapes our lives.

New voices: Calling time on Alzheimer’s

Could circadian rhythms be the key? Brianne Kent with the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information)

Last call for Media Fellows

Society milestones

Digital technologies in health change

New guidelines for expert witnesses

From the Research Digest

One on one... with Sue Llewelyn

Powerful, crazy, cruel

Careers: The journey of a psychologist in public health

Making writing readable

Careers: To volunteer or not to volunteer, that is the question

New challenges raised by ‘legal highs’

Compelling science

‘Post-repatriation stress disorder’?

Big Picture: A baby’s view of the protoface

Book reviews

A misleading juxtaposition?

Key to the Skeleton Cupboard

Healing the hidden wounds

Professor Terence Lee, MA, PhD (Cantab), FBPsS; 1923-2014

Supporting coaches and athletes

President’s column

Words and sorcery

Simon Oxenham and Jon Sutton consider the causes and consequences of bad writing in psychology.

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The surprising world of synaesthesia

Jack Dutton meets those with the condition and the researchers who study them. Might it have benefits, and could it even be taught?

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