Experiencing the impossible

Gustav Kuhn considers the science of magic, and what it reveals about the human mind.

Excellence or ease? Exploring student evaluations of teaching

Wolfgang Stroebe is not a fan of student satisfaction measures…

‘You need to use the evolutionary knife to cut behaviour into constituent slices’

Professor Val Curtis works at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where, among other roles, she is Director of the Environmental Health Group, a multidisciplinary team researching water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Ian Florance spoke to her about interactions with psychology and psychologists.

‘That whole journey you do with the patient takes a lot of skill and time'

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Neuropsychology, Katherine Carpenter.

Do play with your food!

Claire Farrow and Emma Haycraft with an overview of effective strategies for increasing vegetable acceptance in young children.

The social dilemma of antibiotic use

Optimising antibiotic use is hard. Eva Krockow explains why.

The forgotten impairment

Leanne Greene, an assistant psychologist, gets social.

An obsession, a hobby or an expiation?

Roberta Reb Allen with a family tale involving the infamous neurologist Walter Freeman.

‘It’s about creating relationships that enabled my pupils to access their inner worlds’

Liz Bates on the role of psychology in teaching.

The many facets of depression

Above and beyond

WEIRD science…

Entirely powerless, yet entirely to blame

Research on play

Don’t be the Ferrari going around in circles

From the Chief Executive, April 2019

'Everyone felt that it was up to them to step up to the mark'

'Our home'

How not to blindly measure the mind

Back to the ‘Future Shock’

A bitter illustration of a precarious life

Featured Job: Elysium Psychology Graduates Academy

Framing spirituality more broadly

Unafraid of conflict or its consequences

A celebration of individuality and humanity

A story to be told

A stark immersive experience

My shelfie… Dr Kitrina Douglas

What is actually behind the screen?

Enhanced opportunity across generations

Murder-suicide: are we up to the challenge?

Towards meaningful connections

Mindful of equanimity

What are people saying about… Reading Well

Semantic revolution, or knowledge evolution?

Wheel of change

One on One… with Elizabeth Bird

Finding a home for the homeless

Why do we need psychology? And what does psychology need?

The winning entries in our first 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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The new hidden persuaders?

Ella Rhodes considers whether shadowy influencers are really pulling our strings.

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More than a gut feeling

John F. Cryan addressed the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychobiology Section.

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