Family trees, selfies and our search for identity

Paula Nicolson looks at developing identities in the 21st century.

Lost and found… in translation

Rebecca Poinot on discovering a voice as a French person living and working in psychology in the UK.

Understanding the digital life

Cyberpsychology as Everyday Experience Across the Lifespan by Dave Harley, Julie Morgan, Hannah Frith (Palgrave Macmillan; Hb £79.99), reviewed by Robert Griffin.

The lasting legacy of Dr Anonymous

Cade Anderson-Smith looks back on the DSM, Homosexuality and the 1972 American Psychiatric Association Convention.

The shaping of us

We meet Lily Bernheimer – environmental psychology consultant, researcher and writer – and run a chapter from her new book.

Compulsive reading?

Obsessive Compulsions: The OCD of Everyday Life by C. Thomas Gualtieri (Jessica Kingsley; Pb £13.99), reviewed by Dr Lucia Giombini.

The best in psychology writing honoured

British Psychological Society Book Awards.

Challenging views on the therapeutic properties of psychedelic drugs

Behavioral Neurobiology of Psychedelic Drugs edited by Adam Halberstadt, Franz Vollenweider & David Nichols (Springer; ebook £119.50; Hb £149.99) Reviewed by Kimberley Smith

‘Half the world away’ – family identity and emotional geography

Antonia Bifulco on her own adventures in family history.

‘The arts use a lot of psychology in designing the artistic experience’

Sangeetha Rajan on her journey and her work with The Arts Quotient.

Reporting your ‘dream self’

Christine Parsons and Melanie Rosen on how we construct an image by sharing activity data and dream reports.

‘When the Manchester Arena attack happened we developed our plans on the way to work'

Ian Florance meets Dr Alistair Teager from Salford Royal Hospital.

Psychology's last stand: Making a difference in the zombie apocalypse

Ella Rhodes talks to psychologists in our end of days. Includes online extra.

From mothers to matriarchs

Sergio A. Silverio with a personal take on modern constructions of ancient family values. Online exclusive.

W is for… Willpower

The Psychologist A to Z continues.

For a transformational uplift

Reclaiming the Curriculum, Bill Laar & Jackie Holderness (Crown House;Pb £16.99), reviewed by Dr Katy Smart.

PIP assessment – are vulnerable people traumatised all over again?

Not to be missed

5 minutes with… Roseanna Brady

Trauma in the 'here and now'

The results do the talking

From gaming to gambling

Fiddling while Rome burns?

My shelfie… Dr George Sik

British Journal of Replication Psychology

Priorities in male psychology

The psychologists’ tree of life

A special feature on psychologists working with non-human species.

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Yawning at the apocalypse

Cameron Brick and Sander van der Linden on how psychologists can help solve the largest social dilemma in history.

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How selfish is your search for happiness?

Joe Smith on differing views over what we should strive for, and what they mean for positive psychology on the 20th anniversary of its springing to life.

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Windows on our inner and outer worlds

How do psychologists’ own artistic creations reflect their internal lives and approach to the stuff of therapy? Christina Richards introduces several musings on the writers’ own works, in a variety of artistic media. Includes online extras.

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Overrated: Our capacity to impact policy

Carl Walker, Ewen Speed and Danny Taggart believe that the nature of public policy means we can never be as influential as we’d like to be. They follow this with an article reminding us of the value of informal psychological caregiving.

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The new psychology of health

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection of articles on 'unlocking the social cure'.

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Psychologists and the media – opportunities and challenges

A special feature.

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Placing mind in the metropolis

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists about what we need to bring to our urban spaces.

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The age of illusions

Nicholas Wade looks at the new world of visual illusions that emerged in the 19th century and invigorated psychology.

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Rethinking addiction

Nick Heather challenges the brain disease model.

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