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Better not look down…

Leading neurosurgeon Henry Marsh reflects on mistakes, mystery and the mind.

New voices: Deception – understanding lies with collaboration

Emma Williams with the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information)

Does psychology have a gender?

Alexandra Rutherford, Kelli Vaughn-Johnson and Elissa Rodkey.

This is improbable too

Marc Abrahams, Guardian columnist and founder of the Ig Nobel prizes, with more research to make you smile and think.

Opening up to disclosure

Anna Ruddle and Sarah Dilks consider whether therapists should talk about themselves in therapy.

Methods: Building confidence in confidence intervals

Graham D. Smith and Peter E. Morris encourage you to rely less on significance tests.

Youth employment – the missing facts

Angela Carter looks to a better understanding of young people by employers.

President’s column

Impacts of the social care market

Close up and interpersonal

Germanwings crash and the psychology of risk

New disclosures on psychologists and torture

Big Picture: Poetry competition

Wellcome Book Prize

One on one… with Lydia M. Hopper

The Psychologist makes its first festival appearance

‘The scientist/­practitioner divide is nonsense’

TEDS turns 20

People first, science second

From the Research Digest

Book reviews

Back to the ballot box

Our journalist Ella Rhodes meets researchers in psychology and politics in search of answers to voter apathy.

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What has neuroscience ever done for us?

Jonathan Roiser (winner of the Society’s Spearman Medal 2013) considers the case of mental health.

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Words and sorcery

Simon Oxenham and Jon Sutton consider the causes and consequences of bad writing in psychology.

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The surprising world of synaesthesia

Jack Dutton meets those with the condition and the researchers who study them. Might it have benefits, and could it even be taught?

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