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Back to the ballot box

Our journalist Ella Rhodes meets researchers in psychology and politics in search of answers to voter apathy.

In search of an authorial identity

James Elander looks beyond plagiarism.

Filming trauma

Edgar Jones explores the making of an innovative film designed to show the treatment of soldiers suffering from shell shock.

Becoming an MP

Helena Cooper-Thomas considers the transition into the role, and how this compares with other workplaces.

Developing strong and diverse political leaders

Jo Silvester and Madeleine Wyatt look at the issue of training for politicians, and its relationship with work psychology.

The age of celebrity politics

Sharon Coen considers psychology’s role in a modern phenomenon.

New voices: The ‘minority’ man?

Jessica McCarrick with the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information)

From civvy street to theatre of war

In defence of inferential statistics

Stumped by big numbers?

Increased training costs

President’s column

Is science broken?

Tattoo regret

The flying psychologist

Starting a national conversation about suicide

What has neuroscience done for psychotherapy?

Psychobiology – where mind meets matter

Chappie: Blomkamp's fabulous robot

Sorcery with words

A mission to educate

Mind mysteries at the Big Bang

When is a Dr not a Dr?

‘Have and appreciate one’s luxuries’

For the mind, for the planet

Book reviews May 2015

True magic in the human side

Big picture: Are prisoners calmer when their cells are pink?

Psychology and the Germanwings crash

Right between your ears

Breastfeeding - behind the headlines

What has neuroscience ever done for us?

Jonathan Roiser (winner of the Society’s Spearman Medal 2013) considers the case of mental health.

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Words and sorcery

Simon Oxenham and Jon Sutton consider the causes and consequences of bad writing in psychology.

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The surprising world of synaesthesia

Jack Dutton meets those with the condition and the researchers who study them. Might it have benefits, and could it even be taught?

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