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Words and sorcery

Simon Oxenham and Jon Sutton consider the causes and consequences of bad writing in psychology.

Masculinity, trauma and 'shell-shock'

Tracey Loughran delivers a fitting tribute to the men who suffered in the First World War, and in more modern conflicts.

Eldercare: The new frontier of work–family balance

Lisa Calvano on the psychological impact of caring for spouses and parents

Sweet memories

Michael A. Smith looks at glucose effects on human memory performance

Managing and coping with sexual identity at work

Y. Barry Chung, Tiffany K. Chang and Ciemone S. Rose consider the issue of LGBT people in the workplace

New voices: Are we mindful of how we talk about mindfulness?

Kate Williams with the latest in our series for budding writers.

An interactive mind

Our editor Jon Sutton talks to Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus University).

Eye on fiction: A disquieting look at dementia

Mike Bender provides a critique of Lisa Genova’s novel Still Alice, the film adaptation of which is out in March.

Is packaging the plain and simple answer?

Risks of conversion therapy

Scars as a celebration of life

Mental health heroes

You will weep… Eichmann didn't

Amplifying a relationship with psychology

Listen to your heart

From the Research Digest

Far from safe and sound in secure settings

‘Sometimes, I feel that the psychological well-being practitioner role is undervalued’

A behavioural science Large Hadron Collider?

What do psychologists think about machines that think?

Helping triumph over phobia

Finding the golden thread of consciousness

One on one… with Peter Venables

Psychologists against austerity

Making the 'invisibilia' visible

Big Picture: The path to participation

Easy speaking

The civilisation of virtual worlds

Happy maps

The fitness of the fitness to practise process

Psychology and neuroscience at TED

Web-only reviews

More letters…

23 questions about the lives of scientists

Robert G. Andry (1923–2014)

Sensory trickery in the kitchen

Barbara Tizard (1926–2015)

President’s column

What's the point of the 'autism' label?

The key to national security?

The surprising world of synaesthesia

Jack Dutton meets those with the condition and the researchers who study them. Might it have benefits, and could it even be taught?

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