The future of transport?

The psychology of self-driving vehicles, with Stephen Skippon and Nick Reed.


Loren L. Toussaint and Everett L. Worthington Jr review the evidence and look at interventions.

The hidden costs of working when sick

Mariella Miraglia and Gail Kinman review the evidence on presenteeism.

When winners need help

Derek Larkin and colleagues consider mental health in elite sport.

Seeing red

Can exposure to the colour red change behaviour? G. Neil Martin reviews the evidence.

Keeping the memory alive

Ilyana Kuhling is the winner of our annual poetry competition.

‘There’s a real danger of silos – the key is the Branches’

Some psychologists are past masters at the ‘portfolio career’, thinking about and applying psychology in hugely varied places. Ian Florance met husband and wife team Barry and Ann Cripps, at the Society’s London offices, to draw on their huge experience.

‘Psychologists should stop selling themselves short’

Hamira Riaz’s talk to the BPS London and Home Counties Branch in April – ‘Breaking down the silos: What can occupational psychology learn from clinical psychology (and vice versa)’ – reflected a theme in many recent careers interviews. Ian Florance met her.

At the flimsy border between life and death

Jon Sutton meets Adrian Owen to discuss his new book, Into the Grey Zone.

President’s letter August 2017

William Peddie Brown 1934-2017

Positives, negatives and empirical reasoning

Back to academia… and elephants

Moral disengagement revisited

Queen’s Birthday Honours

Would a Male Section fail everyone?

Making an impact

H is for… Habit

After-school psychology club

Repent and reform

Pop gifted

A book that shaped me – Dr Alison Rodriguez and others

Responding to the Grenfell Tower fire

Book reviews - August 2017

‘I came into safety by accident’

Would-be practitioners at risk

Does the cycle of violence truly cycle?

Stephen Morley 1950-2017

Enhancing the academic experience

An unhelpful dissection?

Astonishing omissions?

Faces in the wild

Brian Parkinson (University of Oxford) reviews the evidence on interpersonal effects of facial expression.

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‘Psychology is action, not thinking about oneself’

At the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Brighton in May, Peter Kinderman delivered his Presidential Address.

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Minds run free

Psychologists, like much of the population, have been bitten by the running bug. What do they get out of it, and does their experience chime with the science?

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Five depictions of the brain

Andrew P. Wickens (a winner of the British Psychological Society’s Book Award) considers their historical significance.

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A brave new world of sleep?

Gareth Gaskell reviews the evidence on memory consolidation during sleep.

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New voices: Slam science

Madeleine Pownall on a form of poetry that should speak to literature lovers and psychologists alike.

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'J.M. Barrie was a close observer of human and animal behaviour’

Chris Frith meets Rosalind Ridley, to discuss her book on the mind of the Peter Pan author.

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