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Autism - are we any closer to explaining the enigma?

Uta Frith introduces a special issue

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Special issue: A brave new world for psychology?

David Nutt introduces a special issue considering the use of hallucinogens in research and therapy

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Creative Britain

Stephanie Taylor looks at how social psychology explains the phenomenon

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Beyond the mythology of war

Our reports from the Society’s Annual Conference, which took place in Birmingham in May. Download the PDF for the full coverage.

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Being a Man - putting life before death

Martin Seager and David Wilkins address the need for this special feature on male psychology

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For those psychologists about to rock...

…we salute you. With a little help from his friends, Editor Jon Sutton looks for shortcuts to musical expertise.

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Charting the mind and body economic'

The Midlands Psychology Group introduce a special issue dedicated to the theme of 'austerity'

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Voices of the vulnerable

Broadcaster, journalist and psychology student Sian Williams reports from the frontline on the responsibilities of broadcasters towards those they interview

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Improving aircraft safety

Don Harris discusses the role of human error in air accidents and how aviation psychology has contributed to making flying as safe as possible

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Mid Staffordshire Hospital Report

Narinder Kapur asks what psychology has to offer

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