Windows on our inner and outer worlds

How do psychologists’ own artistic creations reflect their internal lives and approach to the stuff of therapy? Christina Richards introduces several musings on the writers’ own works, in a variety of artistic media. Includes online extras.

New thoughts on thinking

We meet Cecilia Heyes.

Living a dual life

Ian Florance meets Dr Philippa East.

‘The needs of the walking wounded are being ignored’

We meet Dr Priyanka Pradhan.

‘They tried to paint me into a corner, where I didn’t belong’

Our editor Jon Sutton meets existential therapist Emmy van Deurzen.

Overrated: Self-management

Karen Rodham argues that an empowering idea is yet to translate into practice; before turning her attention to the 'underrated' nature of face-to-face therapeutic interaction.

A colourful life, an inspiration, and living legend

Andrew Wickens (University of Central Lancashire) marks a centenary for Brenda Milner.

The space for therapy

‘I was told “we don’t use psychologists here – we have our friends and we have the pub”’

Different questions need different answers

My shelfie… Binna Kandola OBE

Contradictory priorities

A book that shaped me… with Thomas Calvard

Adversity as a causal mechanism

Harmonics of the mind

Asking vital but troubling questions

Finding Fanon

Featured Job: July 2018

Images of research


Minding work absence

S is for… stress

Professor Ian Robbins 1953-2018

Royal College award

Reasons to love the F-word

Neuropsychological impairments that everybody has

‘We want to help break that cycle of homelessness’

Headstart to happiness

From the 2018 Annual Conference

Getting women on board

It’s not what you learn – it’s how you learn!

Overrated: Our capacity to impact policy

Carl Walker, Ewen Speed and Danny Taggart believe that the nature of public policy means we can never be as influential as we’d like to be. They follow this with an article reminding us of the value of informal psychological caregiving.

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The new psychology of health

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection of articles on 'unlocking the social cure'.

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Psychologists and the media – opportunities and challenges

A special feature.

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Placing mind in the metropolis

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists about what we need to bring to our urban spaces.

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The age of illusions

Nicholas Wade looks at the new world of visual illusions that emerged in the 19th century and invigorated psychology.

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Rethinking addiction

Nick Heather challenges the brain disease model.

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