Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection.

Fixing problems under the surface

Laura Walton takes psychology underwater.

‘If you treat clients as adults, they’ll treat you the same way’

Ian Florance meets Holly Price, who is finishing her Forensic Psychology MSc and looking for Assistant Psychologist roles

What lies beneath?

Nick Chater on the perils of looking under our glittering surface.

Tracking the footprints of consciousness

The Feeling of Life Itself, by Christof Koch, is out now, published by The MIT Press. We asked him some big questions.

Under the weather?

Trevor Harley writes.

The ‘human’ underpinning workplace resource

Rosalind Searle on the psychological implications of working ‘under’ a hierarchical structure.

The underdog effect

Ciaran O’Keeffe on the appeal, and how things change.

From underworlds to outerworlds

Nathan Smith gets to the bottom of how we might reach what’s way above…

‘Negotiators are advanced communicators’

Stephen McAllister looks back on a police career focused on mental health and change management

The psychology of underwear

Carolyn Mair on a ‘technology of our inner self’.

A journey to the core of our being

From the Chief Executive, October 2019

Featured job: Senior Clinical and Clinical Psychologists

Just the beginning of the story…

Beyond neurodiversity?

Tackling psychologists’ desensitisation

Beyond tokenism: Autistic people in autism research

Changing the online culture

One on one... with Dr Michelle Hamill

Closing the 'prevention gap' at the party conferences

An unvarnished view of the therapeutic process

Stop plastering over problems

Going under to rise above mistakes

Conflict of interest?

The bravery to be honest

‘We all have unique relationships with music’

Empowering bold discussions on anxiety

Pioneer in behaviour change recognised

Ian Howarth 1928-2019

Elections at Society AGM

Real stepped care

Where does inspiration come from?

Wellbeing through doodles

Judging Hans Eysenck

Schooling the good citizen

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection on psychological attempts to shift attitudes and behaviour amongst the next generation.

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‘It doesn’t have to be this way’

Michael West, Professor of Organisational Psychology (Lancaster University Management School) and Visiting Fellow with the King’s Fund, spoke with Ella Rhodes to outline three major projects he is involved with for one of the largest employers in the world – the NHS.

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‘Everyone has something to add to this conversation'

Within this special collection, a range of articles explore different elements of alcohol use.

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Big data in the big city

Catherine Lido on using novel technology to explore inclusion in Learning Cities.

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How do we ‘other’?

Peter Hegarty on asymmetries of reasoning for lay and professional psychologists alike.

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Experiencing the impossible

Gustav Kuhn considers the science of magic, and what it reveals about the human mind.

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Why do we need psychology? And what does psychology need?

The winning entries in our first 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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The new hidden persuaders?

Ella Rhodes considers whether shadowy influencers are really pulling our strings.

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‘It’s an intriguing world that is opening up'

Jon Sutton meets Sarah Garfinkel at the annual conference of the Psychobiology Section.

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