Overrated: Our capacity to impact policy

Carl Walker, Ewen Speed and Danny Taggart believe that the nature of public policy means we can never be as influential as we’d like to be. They follow this with an article reminding us of the value of informal psychological caregiving.

Freud and penis envy – a failure of courage?

Riya Yadav with a critical take on one of the psychoanalyst’s most controversial theories.

Public involvement in research – just good science

Emma Palmer-Cooper on the value of working with members of the public as more than just the subjects of research.

‘I’ve built a good mousetrap and people come to use it’

Bec Sanderson talks to social psychologist Shalom Schwartz about his life’s work on values.

‘There are key “nutrients” that can support people experiencing mental health difficulties the world over’

We meet Ross White.

Penalty shootouts – it's not a lottery!

As the England men's football team prepare for the World Cup finals in Russia, Tim Callen offers five pieces of evidence-based advice.

‘Being a sleep researcher makes you very, very boring…’

…but Vicki Culpin is far from it.

‘This early experience of being the outsider has shaped my perspective'

Joanna Wilde presents her ‘other CV’ – the personal events and motivations behind her career.

Art and science illuminating each other

Harry Farmer visits ‘Self-Impressions with the Institute of Philosophy, University of London’ at the Tate Modern.

Dr Judith Redfern (1972–2018)

An appreciation from Carrie Llewellyn and Maree Hackett.

What should we do about trauma?

Dan Johnson explores adversity in childhood.

Meeting the neighbours

Kate Johnstone watches 'Wild Wild Country' on Netflix.

R is for… Reaction time

The Psychologist A to Z continues.

Traumatic times

Leanne Haywood visits an exhibition, 'Battle Against Stigma', at QUAD, Derby.

Synchrony and the art of signalling

Jorina von Zimmermann and Daniel C. Richardson take us from fireflies to military parades.

Makes you think

Tom Farsides watches 'The Square', directed by Ruben Östlund.

Fashioning a distinguished contribution

A distinction that misses the point

The compassionate self

Assessing children’s mental health concerns

On charisma: What else?

Building rich theory piece by piece

Clutching at straws in the wind

People performing in exceptional ways

Royal Irish Academy award

A paradoxical opportunity – or just a brutal reality?

‘Online platforms give trolls a visibility and an instant hit’

No logic in Escapologic

One for the reading list

Overlapping interests in a complex and ambiguous world

Featured job – Registered Psychologists, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service

Don’t throw the IAPT baby out with the bathwater!

Worboys parole case fall-out

Nothing to fear from journalists

False memories – a call for clarity

'It's not a crisis, it's a reformation'

Well-told creepy yarns

The Qur’an and mental health

Nipping anxiety in the bud

Meeting the challenge of eating disorders

Ensuring a safer world for children

The new psychology of health

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection of articles on 'unlocking the social cure'.

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Psychologists and the media – opportunities and challenges

A special feature.

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Placing mind in the metropolis

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists about what we need to bring to our urban spaces.

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The age of illusions

Nicholas Wade looks at the new world of visual illusions that emerged in the 19th century and invigorated psychology.

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Rethinking addiction

Nick Heather challenges the brain disease model.

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