A brave new world of sleep?

Gareth Gaskell reviews the evidence on memory consolidation during sleep.

Silence, power, evidence and a debate with no clear answers

The debate on mental health revelations in The Psychologist continues.

Ruling the airwaves

Our editor Jon Sutton pauses to appreciate two long-running psychological BBC Radio 4 programmes – Digital Human and All in the Mind.

My brief encounter with the American dream

Gabriela Misca on her Fulbright year in the USA.

Attachment – public and scientific discourse

Following Professor Elizabeth Meins' article in the January issue, the debate continues.

Children of alcoholism

Alan Price, a postgraduate at the University of Salford, on the hidden epidemic of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and traumatic childhood experiences.

A brief history of thinking ourselves insane

Huw Green with a historical take on agency in madness.

‘The turf wars in psychology have been as intellectually silly as they have been disastrous’

Frederick Toates takes Lance Workman through his 40-year career with the Open University, discussing the ‘wanting vs. liking’ distinction, the state of higher education, and much more.

Making a difference

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Uta Frith and Richard Nisbett reveal the roots and fruits of their most famous contributions, introduced by Robert Sternberg; plus online extras, from Adrian Furnham, Michael Gazzaniga and Susan Fiske.

Why aren't we beating bullying?

In an online exclusive for Antibullying Week, Stephen James Minton argues that attending to prejudice is the key to improving anti-bullying research and action.

Psychologists honoured

Frederick O'Neal Roach 1945-2017

The dynamic world of addiction and recovery

Fright without solution?

President’s letter March 2017

Universalise that human experience

5 minutes with… Vivian Hill

‘When I dare myself to step forward, I reap the rewards’

The impact of revenge

Psychologists and Donald Trump

On the Edge of knowledge

Tipping point for glass cliff

Featured Job: Two psychologists for autism service, Midlands Psychology

Ups and downs of space flight

C is for… Children

A novel fusion of art and science

The pain of youth

Ahead of their British Psychological Society seminar series, Line Caes and Abbie Jordan call for creativity in research design. Living with chronic health conditions during adolescence can bring particular psychological and social challenges. But do we need to make more effort to hear the voices of those affected?

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Writing for impact

With its relaunch, The Psychologist aims to reflect and encourage the trend for clear science communication. Here, regular contributors give their views on the benefits of engaging a wide audience. First up, Steve Reicher and Alex Haslam.

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