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Women scientists in psychology – time for action

Fionnuala C. Murphy, Dorothy V.M. Bishop, and Natasha Sigala

Feature: Expectations and destinations

Ian Florance meets students and the people who teach and employ them.

Educating Europe

Peter Reddy, Stephan Dutke, Ioulia Papageorgi and Helen Bakker look at how our continental neighbours are nurturing the next generation of psychologists

Methods: Conducting research on the internet – a new era

Claire Hewson provides updates on practicalities and possibilities

What is happening to A-level psychology?

Phil Banyard indicates why we should be worried.

Psychological literacy – from classroom to real world

Julie Hulme considers the implications of the continued popularity of the subject

New Voices: The rise of student consumerism

Nesrin Gokcen with the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information)

More reviews…

Teaching-focused careers in psychology

More letters…

Assisted dying – philosophical and religious perspectives

Society: Working for culture change in the NHS

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – the sixth level

Society: Around the party conferences

Hallucinogens – don’t choose ignorance

President’s column

Robert Taylor (1956–2014)

One on one… with Rita Jordan

Commit and act on Ebola

Gender equality in academic science

Book Award winners

Big Picture: I can resist anything but…

New Society portal to showcase research impact

Smiling and an overlooked problem

Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity

Can we have a Happy Christmas?

Cursed by knowledge

Coaching psychology – strength in diversity

Other news…

Interview: The master of self-control

Autism – beyond the myths

From the Digest

Autism - are we any closer to explaining the enigma?

Uta Frith introduces a special issue

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Special issue: A brave new world for psychology?

David Nutt introduces a special issue considering the use of hallucinogens in research and therapy

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Creative Britain

Stephanie Taylor looks at how social psychology explains the phenomenon

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Beyond the mythology of war

Our reports from the Society’s Annual Conference, which took place in Birmingham in May. Download the PDF for the full coverage.

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Being a Man - putting life before death

Martin Seager and David Wilkins address the need for this special feature on male psychology

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For those psychologists about to rock...

…we salute you. With a little help from his friends, Editor Jon Sutton looks for shortcuts to musical expertise.

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Charting the mind and body economic'

The Midlands Psychology Group introduce a special issue dedicated to the theme of 'austerity'

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Voices of the vulnerable

Broadcaster, journalist and psychology student Sian Williams reports from the frontline on the responsibilities of broadcasters towards those they interview

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Improving aircraft safety

Don Harris discusses the role of human error in air accidents and how aviation psychology has contributed to making flying as safe as possible

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Mid Staffordshire Hospital Report

Narinder Kapur asks what psychology has to offer

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