Are we punching our weight?

Our journalist Ella Rhodes asks whether psychology is having the desired impact, through the media and policy.

Making brain waves in society

Cliodhna O’Connor and Helene Joffe on the ‘ripple effects’ generated as a piece of neuroscience leaves the laboratory.

Opinion: Our struggle between science and pseudoscience

Chris Ferguson takes a dim view of the state of academic psychology, but trusts that the light shining on our discipline will show us the way.

Opinion: Buried in bullshit

Tom Farsides and Paul Sparks smell trouble.

‘Curiosity is a pillar of academic performance’

Sophie von Stumm runs the Hungry Mind Lab at Goldsmiths, University of London. Jon Sutton poses the questions.

From vitamins to showing loving kindness

How do those on the fringes of psychology view our profession? Ian Florance meets Michèle Down.

A journalistic eye

Liz Hollis, freelance journalist and media consultant specialising in psychology.

A culture shock to the system

Nadine Mirza, MPhil student, University of Manchester.

One on one… with Peter Kinderman

‘We can still choose how to respond: how to fight against creation’.

Happiness then and now

Sandie McHugh and Jerome Carson describe two happiness surveys from Bolton, 76 years apart.

Arts-based research – radical or conventional?

David Carless and Kitrina Douglas make the case for an alternative methodology.

Craig against the machine

Innovative approach to hostels shows promise

Book reviews - May 2016

Students become pioneers for justice

Big Picture: Poetry as a mental health resource

Multifaceted and intricate

A Hub to challenge misconceptions collaboratively

Hostage-support network

Biggest Bang yet

Rethinking practitioner roles

Opening Skinner’s Box

LGBT prisoners

Sweet move in obesity policy

Featured Job, May 2016

Felt presence and the ‘hard problem'

From the research Digest May 2016

Organising our branches

Letters May 2016

New voices: Having faith in mind

Yeni Adewoye with the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information).

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The survival secrets of solitaries

Ian O’Donnell finds resilience and growth in a most unlikely environment.

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Can psychology find a path to peace?

As the UK's Parliament votes to allow bombing in Syria, we ask - are there evidence-based ways to resolve this conflict?

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The Psychologist guide to… you and your baby

In the January print edition, we distributed the first of a series of evidence-based leaflets to be passed on to a wide audience.

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