More than a gut feeling

John F. Cryan addressed the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychobiology Section.

‘It’s an intriguing world that is opening up'

Jon Sutton meets Sarah Garfinkel at the annual conference of the Psychobiology Section.

A Little Life – but a profound story

Martin Milton on what psychologists can learn from the Hanya Yanigihara novel.

Walking through snow to get to work

Joe MacDonagh on the Hawthorne Studies – the origins of modern organisational research.

‘It was an exciting time to be a cognitive psychologist’

We speak to Alan Baddeley, Professor at the University of York, about his new book Working Memories: Postmen, Divers and the Cognitive Revolution (Routledge).

The memory alchemists turning rain to gold

We meet Hilde and Ylva Østby, to hear about their 'Adventures in Memory', and run an exclusive chapter from the book.

Hope, control and opportunity

Thea Fitch talks to Ian Florance about her move from homelessness and eating disorders to becoming a psychologist working at the Recovery and Wellbeing College.

‘We seek to liberate people’

Ian Florance hears from Tony Page – self-employed Chartered Psychologist and author – about our ‘mistaken craving for freedom’.

Transforming knowledge about human behaviour

The Human Behaviour Change Project team on a unique collaboration between behavioural and computer scientists.

‘I’ve read every word of more than 240 consecutive issues of The Psychologist’

One on one… with Peter Dillon-Hooper, who this month retires from the BPS and his post as Assistant Editor of The Psychologist after more than 20 years of service.

Expressing political disapproval

Communicating security

Family identity

The last question

Y is for… Yerkes–Dodson law

Climate change – is psychology up to the challenge?

Helping policy makers understand obesity

Investing ethically

Doctor in the house

Get me out of here

Ditching offending labels

Five minutes with… Dr Leah Maizey

Plenty of food for thought

Freda Levinson (1931–2018)

From the Chief Executive, January 2018

A book that shaped me…Quirky Kids

Joseph Duffy (1957–2018)

Featured job: Various psychologists, Elysium Healthcare

Time for a change of mind

Two heads may be better than one, but why?

New initiatives for working with suicide and self-harm

A tour of contemporary emotion research

The struggle continues

Timely and fascinating

Gender ’balance’ – proceed with care

The Brexit carnival

Young people making an exhibition of themselves