‘It doesn’t have to be this way’

Michael West, Professor of Organisational Psychology (Lancaster University Management School) and Visiting Fellow with the King’s Fund, spoke with Ella Rhodes to outline three major projects he is involved with for one of the largest employers in the world – the NHS.

Autism in women

Eloise Stark looks under the radar.

Me and Monotropism: A unified theory of autism

Fergus Murray – science teacher, writer and 'autist' – on single attention and associated cognition in autism; a theory with a family connection…

‘Games have helped me a lot throughout my life’

Dr Pete Etchells is Reader in Psychology and Science Communication at Bath Spa University. Annie Brookman-Byrne asked Pete to tell us about his first book, Lost in a Good Game: Why We Play Video Games and What They Can Do For Us.

Shattering the self

Ella Rhodes on the contradictory nature of the self.

‘We live in a hugely psychologised society’

Juliet Foster talked to Ian Florance about her new role as Chair of the Society’s Education and Training Board.

‘This is the moment when everything is changing'

Ian Florance meets Simon Bignell – a founder of the Society’s new Cyberpsychology Section.

Creating compassionate NHS organisations

Annie Brookman-Byrne speaks to Maria Kordowicz.

Every mind matters?

From the Chief Executive, August 2019

Preventing sexual violence at university

The double empathy problem in care

Donald Campbell (1940-2019)

New immersive cognition laboratory

'It sends an important message'

Making maths better

Struggles, hope and opportunity

Support for student research

Privileging the voices of young adults

Making best practice better for emergency service personnel

My shelfie… David Carless

One on one… with Caroline Foster

Closing the BAME attainment gap

Featured job: Applied Psychologists

The last straw?

Opening up rich conversations

Unrealistic expectations of clients

Between the psychological and the extreme

Something about nothing

An estranged relationship

‘Everyone has something to add to this conversation'

Within this special collection, a range of articles explore different elements of alcohol use.

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Big data in the big city

Catherine Lido on using novel technology to explore inclusion in Learning Cities.

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How do we ‘other’?

Peter Hegarty on asymmetries of reasoning for lay and professional psychologists alike.

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Experiencing the impossible

Gustav Kuhn considers the science of magic, and what it reveals about the human mind.

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Why do we need psychology? And what does psychology need?

The winning entries in our first 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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The new hidden persuaders?

Ella Rhodes considers whether shadowy influencers are really pulling our strings.

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More than a gut feeling

John F. Cryan addressed the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychobiology Section.

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