The Psychologist Guide to… Retirement

Our journalist Ella Rhodes talks to psychologists to get some evidence-based tips.

'It forced me to think in different ways about single-session therapy'

Windy Dryden (pictured left) introduces a chat with Moshe Talmon.

The Psychologist Presents… Screen time debunked

An edited transcript of Professor Andrew Przybylski’s session at Latitude Festival this summer. Our editor Jon Sutton introduced the talk and hosted the audience questions at the end.

A web of intrigue

The Spider’s Thread: Metaphor in Mind, Brain, and Poetry by Keith J. Holyoak (MIT Press; £27.00); Reviewed by Cathy Rogers.

The sibling spotlight

Rachel Batchelor on the challenges facing the ‘forgotten’ brothers and sisters of seriously ill children.

Finding a route to independence

Emily Farran on navigation and the spatial domain in neurodevelopmental disorders.

‘You can always find something inside someone to work with'

Ian Florance talked to Yvette Bates about her role as Senior Forensic Psychologist at HMP Dovegate, which is run by Serco on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.

Looking to the future

An extract from 'Autism: A new introduction to psychological theory and current debate', by Sue Fletcher-Watson and Francesca Happé (out now on Routledge).

One on One... with Sidney Irvine

We dip into the Society member database and pick… Sidney Irvine, former Professor of Differential Psychology, University of Plymouth, and consultant. Includes online extras.

Reassessing perceptions of ‘inside’

'Another Me’ is the 2019 UK exhibition of the Koestler Trust’s work produced by people in detention. Reviewed by Rosie Meek.

Needle girls and motiveless malingerers

Sarah Chaney on gender, self-harm and attention-seeking behaviour.

Forging a new politics of work

David Frayne, author of The Work Cure, talks to our Associate Editor Emily Hutchinson.

How to succeed in your degree, with psychology…

Selected advice from Paul Penn, taken from his new book ‘The Psychology of Effective Studying' (Routledge).

The future of digital mental health?

Sophie Turnbull on Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions.

‘How does this fit into the real world of policing?’

For two decades Professor Becky Milne (University of Portsmouth) has worked to improve police interviewing of witnesses in the midst of crises. Ella Rhodes met her.

‘I wanted to help people inspire others about psychology’

Dr Janet Bultitude is Director of Public Engagement for the University of Bath’s Psychology department. She recently won the Leadership Award at the university’s Public Engagement Awards. As told to Ella Rhodes.

Should schools do less?

Talking about gene therapy

The secret to great storytelling

'I realised I knew nothing about writing a book…'

Disagreeing over neurodiversity

Find the reason

Featured job: Clinical Psychologists,

From Alcohol to Zebra fish in the Lakes

A glorious celebration… and a revelation

An aggravating controversialist, or ahead of his time?

'I needed to know I wasn't a freak'

Hope, resilience, and mental toughness

Peter Edward Beaman (1957-2019)

New interdisciplinary centre to launch at King's College, London

From the Chief Executive, November 2019

Our 2019 poetry competition

Stop pushing people into a river

From bemoaning our fate to positive action

Positive contact in a divided world

'When we look back in 20 years' time, this will be a turning point'

Diagnosis difficulties

Helping the older worker to thrive

Prevention in schools


Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection.

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Schooling the good citizen

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection on psychological attempts to shift attitudes and behaviour amongst the next generation.

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‘It doesn’t have to be this way’

Michael West, Professor of Organisational Psychology (Lancaster University Management School) and Visiting Fellow with the King’s Fund, spoke with Ella Rhodes to outline three major projects he is involved with for one of the largest employers in the world – the NHS.

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‘Everyone has something to add to this conversation'

Within this special collection, a range of articles explore different elements of alcohol use.

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Big data in the big city

Catherine Lido on using novel technology to explore inclusion in Learning Cities.

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How do we ‘other’?

Peter Hegarty on asymmetries of reasoning for lay and professional psychologists alike.

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Experiencing the impossible

Gustav Kuhn considers the science of magic, and what it reveals about the human mind.

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Why do we need psychology? And what does psychology need?

The winning entries in our first 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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The new hidden persuaders?

Ella Rhodes considers whether shadowy influencers are really pulling our strings.

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More than a gut feeling

John F. Cryan addressed the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychobiology Section.

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