Hazardous to health?

Sarah Mackenzie Ross considers whether exposure to chemical substances could be damaging your brain.

The Freudian motivation behind 1967's Sexual Offences Act

Adam Jowett on Jewish Labour MP Leo Abse.

Kinship and loss

We pose some questions for Damien W. Riggs and Elizabeth Peel, about their new book Critical Kinship Studies, and publish an exclusive extract on experiences of pregnancy loss.

Little scientists – big impact

The Developmental Research Team at the University of Stirling explain why they love their psychology kindergarten.

Simulation-based education

Jennifer Cleland finds new perspectives on medical training, which could be used more widely in psychology too.

The Psychologist Guide to University Life

Ella Rhodes brings us evidence-based tips for new students of any subject, kindly sponsored by Routledge Psychology.

‘I encountered considerable hostility to the kind of critiques I was presenting’

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Professor Erica Burman (University of Manchester).

Is testosterone the key to sex differences in human behaviour?

The debate.

One year at university

Holly Rose Welsby gained a Triple A* from Burnley College Sixth Form Centre to progress to Cambridge University. She has just completed her first year studying psychology at Churchill College. Here she tells us about her experience so far.

‘Greater humility about what our discipline can bring could, paradoxically, strengthen our contribution’

'One on One' with Theresa Marteau.

Big stars, big ideas and big data

Advancing BME psychology

‘It’s not a crisis or problem we can sweep under the rug’

Christmas lectures on language and laughter

Unprepared undergraduates?

The solution starts with us

Radical change at heart

Scattering concern for the environment

From the PsyPAG Annual Conference 2017

Censoring legitimate discussion?

A scientific glimpse of success

Featured job: October 2017

President’s letter, October 2017

'I'm still the same person'

Driverless vehicle problems

When murder is just a memory

Stereotype block or priming?

Messages of hope and determination

The Sussicran complex

A first step in a revolution?

'When schools pay for services they demand more – that means we must be more creative in what we do’

A persistent misconception

The fringes of the human mind

Adoption burnout

The flames of hate

J is for… Justice

The beautiful durability of human delusion

A broad experience

Dinsa Sachan considers the evidence on how foreign living shapes us.

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The future of transport?

The psychology of self-driving vehicles, with Stephen Skippon and Nick Reed.

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Faces in the wild

Brian Parkinson (University of Oxford) reviews the evidence on interpersonal effects of facial expression.

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‘Psychology is action, not thinking about oneself’

At the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Brighton in May, Peter Kinderman delivered his Presidential Address.

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Minds run free

Psychologists, like much of the population, have been bitten by the running bug. What do they get out of it, and does their experience chime with the science? Christian Jarrett and Ella Rhodes investigate.

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Five depictions of the brain

Andrew P. Wickens (a winner of the British Psychological Society’s Book Award) considers their historical significance.

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A brave new world of sleep?

Gareth Gaskell reviews the evidence on memory consolidation during sleep.

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New voices: Slam science

Madeleine Pownall on a form of poetry that should speak to literature lovers and psychologists alike.

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Why magazines matter

As we relaunch, our journalist Ella Rhodes considers style and impact in the printed form.

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