The pain of youth

Ahead of their British Psychological Society seminar series, Line Caes and Abbie Jordan call for creativity in research design. Living with chronic health conditions during adolescence can bring particular psychological and social challenges. But do we need to make more effort to hear the voices of those affected?

The downsides of positivity

Kate Sweeny provides a nuanced picture of the research.

Q&A - Tomasz Witkowski

Rebecca Stack, Associate Editor for Books, speaks to Tomasz Witkowski, the author of Psychology Led Astray: Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy.

Disengaging morality from robotic war

Albert Bandura on the increasing use of military drones and the psychology that enables it.

'It is diverse brains and the consequent breadth of talents and abilities that are pivotal to our future'

Joyce Hargrave-Wright reminisces on a life in psychology.

‘You can use your intellect and your emotions’

Michelle Rydon Grange talks to Ian Florance.

‘I didn’t leave it at that… I talked to them about their reading’

Jane Oakhill on her research journey and how it helped.

Literature in performance, psychology in action

Philip Davis with a case history from his multidisciplinary Centre for Research into Reading, Literature, and Society.

New voices: Slam science

Madeleine Pownall on a form of poetry that should speak to literature lovers and psychologists alike.

Faith, trust and pixie dust

Ellie Buckley on new documentary Life, Animated.

Pain, fear and joy – beyond hysteria

Elena Carrera draws lessons from the life of 16th-century mystic Teresa of Avila.

A tour of dreams and nightmares

B is for... better

A bright idea

Bewildered and excluded

Professor Paul Kennedy, 1959-2016

No congratulations here

Deeper awareness

My shelfie… Emily Hutchinson

Annette Karmiloff-Smith 1938-2016

Giving a voice to the woman behind Watson

Mental health revelations in The Psychologist: enough is enough?

Supporting defence and security, or militarism?

What to read… when living with long-term illness

President’s letter, February 2017

Dementia the leading cause of death… if you discount its partners in crime

A kicker in the tale

Ethics and NHS research

Recommended… The Moth

Partnering on a global scale

What does it mean to know something?

Every nuance of a dark and dangerous world

Postgraduate study visits

A battle cry echoing from media portals

Putting autism centre stage

Looking at systems that produce inhumane and immoral acts

The real deal

Stephen Joseph calls for more research into the psychology of authenticity.

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