Eye on Fiction: The Babadook and maternal depression

Pamela Jacobsen considers a metaphor in a horror film (warning: contains plot details).

A window to the soul and psyche?

Szonya Durant with a primer on eye tracking.

‘I still see myself as a psychologist’

Ian Florance talks to Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School.

The medieval mind

Scholars are finding that medieval science – in various fields – is more sophisticated than previously thought. Corinne Saunders and Charles Fernyhough show that psychology is no exception.

New voices: One small, quiet act

Holly Kahya on how yogic breathing could enhance psychological practice, in the latest in our series for budding writers (see

'We have to bust up the orthodoxy'

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Jonathan Haidt.

The everyday magic of superstition

Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists in an attempt to understand the widespread and persistent nature of apparently irrational beliefs.

Life and death at the limits

Roger Luckhurst on ‘zombie psychology’.

Pinocchio paper prompts protracted porkies

Sylvia Downs (1926–2016)

A reminder of risk and reward

Experiencing what clients experience

Big Picture: BitterSuite symphony

Shining a light on mental illness and its treatment

Exploring the unique needs of asylum-seekers and refugees

Music to our ears

Helping the Air Force battle violence

Finding our voice

One on one… with Dr Maureen McIntosh

5 minutes with... Rhona Flin

Health psychologist in the making

Human Library reveals hidden lives

Book reviews, November 2016

Reporting on prejudice and crime

Online psychological support for students

From the Research Digest, November 2016

Changes to professional development

Dealing with eating disorders

Adults with autism in the criminal justice system

Can stress ever be beneficial?

President’s letter, November 2016

‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’

Jon Sutton and Aidan Horner speak to the children of psychologists, and the psychologists themselves, about their parenting.

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Behind the masks

William Todd Schultz offers a psychobiography primer.

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Positive psychology – the second wave

Tim Lomas delves into the dialectical nuances of flourishing.

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Leicester's lesson in leadership

A leader is not 'the special one', but 'the one who makes us special', argue S. Alexander Haslam and Stephen D. Reicher.

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Are we punching our weight?

Our journalist Ella Rhodes asks whether psychology is having the desired impact, through the media and policy.

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Walking the radical talk

Alexander J. Bridger introduces psychogeographical psychology.

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The survival secrets of solitaries

Ian O’Donnell finds resilience and growth in a most unlikely environment.

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Can psychology find a path to peace?

As the UK's Parliament votes to allow bombing in Syria, we ask - are there evidence-based ways to resolve this conflict?

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Why demography needs psychologists

Gillian Pepper, Lisa McAllister and Rebecca Sear look for psychological answers to questions about fertility and population dynamics.

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