A maturing picture of emotion

Louisa Lawrie and Louise H. Phillips on how we process emotions in ourselves and others as we age.

The trouble with girls?

Gina Rippon asks why plastic brains aren’t breaking through glass ceilings.

Schreber the plaything

Novelist Alex Pheby on why Daniel Paul Schreber's Memoirs are important and useful.

A revolution for the at-risk

Emily J.H. Jones and Mark H. Johnson make the case for investment in early intervention for neurodevelopmental disorders.

5 minutes with... Karen Carr

We hear about the drive for a British Psychological Society Defence and Security Section.

‘The best projects can be serendipitous’

One on one… with Siân E. Jones.

Beyond ‘voluntourism’

Thomas Campbell on mental health and volunteering in Sri Lanka.

A cautionary tale

Megan Prowse presents her personal reflections on overseas placements.

Big Picture: Portraits of pain

Words by Karen Rodham (University of Staffordshire). Download PDF for poster.

‘Find your dyslexic people and nurture them’

We sent Debbie Gordon, Assistant to the Managing Editor and who has been diagnosed with dyslexia, to talk to Professor Rod Nicolson (University of Sheffield) about his approach.

Entangled in an ethical maze

In their 'Opinion' piece, Sergio Della Sala and Roberto Cubelli argue that NHS ethics committees hamper ethics.

Planned behaviour – stagnation or evolution?

Tom St Quinton looks at the classic theory and alternatives in the latest 'New voices'.

‘Good enough’ for psychologist parents

Featured job: Support worker

Maladaptive daydreaming

Peter Weinreich 1939-2016

Finding a way back

New Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences

From the Research Digest, December 2016

United Nations may recommend PEACE approach

Michael William Green 1964-2016

Book reviews, December 2016

Gaining momentum for honesty

Sexual violence at university

The case for Defence and Security

Paws for court

Making educational psychology more visible

Migratory grief?

Political psychology needs you!

President’s letter, December 2016

Homeless service looks to psychology

Orthorexia – slipping through the net?

Boardroom imbalance

Life and death at the limits

Roger Luckhurst on ‘zombie psychology’.

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‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’

Jon Sutton and Aidan Horner speak to the children of psychologists, and the psychologists themselves, about their parenting.

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Behind the masks

William Todd Schultz offers a psychobiography primer.

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Positive psychology – the second wave

Tim Lomas delves into the dialectical nuances of flourishing.

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The Psychologist Guide to… Leadership

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists for evidence-based tips. Sponsored by Goldsmiths Institute of Management Studies.

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Are we punching our weight?

Our journalist Ella Rhodes asks whether psychology is having the desired impact, through the media and policy.

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The silent companions

Ben Alderson-Day considers explanations for ‘feelings of presence’.

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The survival secrets of solitaries

Ian O’Donnell finds resilience and growth in a most unlikely environment.

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Can psychology find a path to peace?

As the UK's Parliament votes to allow bombing in Syria, we ask - are there evidence-based ways to resolve this conflict?

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Why demography needs psychologists

Gillian Pepper, Lisa McAllister and Rebecca Sear look for psychological answers to questions about fertility and population dynamics.

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