Solicitor Richard Gregorian argues for an interdisciplinary approach from psychologists and lawyers to help those in the family justice system

diversity in clinical training; unnatural beliefs; psychopathy; and much more

frontal lobe dysfunction; misrepresentation; Richard Gregory; and more

Anthony Montgomery and Ian Kehoe ask why schools get so little attention from organisational psychology

giving voice to the voiceless; black women in the UK; politics; and more

electronic record keeping; educational training; discrimination; and more

in defence of the flashmob; Down’s; medicalising pregnancy; and more

excellence; home education; the internet and thinking; reductionism; and more

flashmobs; Down’s syndrome; cannabis gateway effects; HPC registration; role of educational psychologists; and more

Christina Richards looks behind the dichotomy and calls for change.

There is a dichotomy in mental health services: ‘them and us’, or what Pilgrim (2005, p.123) refers to as ‘two groups of humanity’. This is the process in which some clinicians, psychologists and...

ensuring course standards; dying at work; community psychology; statutory regulation; clinical training; psychology in Argentina; your boss and stress; and more

positive psychology; academia and applied; Strictly Come Dancing; pre-tertiary psychology education; scaring small children; and more

The narrowing focus of UK psychology; US healthcare reform; bias in testing; clinical terminology; proposal for a Community Psychology Section; and more

Including psychology and the media, campaigning questions, the clinical realities of IAPT, obituaries and more.

Including The appearance of terror; improving the science and practice of psychology; neuropsychologists – the European dimension; and much more.

Including speaking up for IAPT; being adult about humour; climate change – answering the sceptics; statutory regulation – where next…? and more

Including happiness, lap dancing, totalitarianism, help-seeking, binge-drinking and much more

Including reality TV; ABA; psychology and nuclear weapons; environmental concerns; guest columns and much more

Including how to 'green' our practice and research; dyslexia; integrating psychology; more on the forensic/clinical divide; and much more.

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Including adults with Asperger's, a call to arms, Little Albert and the Hawthorne effect.

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