Ella Rhodes considers whether shadowy influencers are really pulling our strings.

More than 60 years on from the influential text about psychological manipulation in advertising, how has the landscape changed? Are we being pushed and pulled in ever-more fundamental...

Parastou Donyai considers strategies for understanding and tackling medication non-adherence.

Imagine a patient who is 60 and recovering from breast cancer. She was treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy six months ago. Sent home with a hormonal treatment, she was told to...

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Maria Loades and colleagues on dilemmas posed when using questionnaires in complex, comorbid conditions.

Increasing demand on mental health services, and attempts to work towards parity of esteem, has led clinical teams to face increasingly complex and comorbid mental health needs. This...

Elke Weesjes and Paula A. Madrid consider the impact of immigration policies on children’s mental health.
We hear from Karen Howell, Head of Psychology at Chadwick Lodge Forensic Mental Health Hospital, Milton Keynes, and North Region Head of Profession for Elysium Healthcare group.
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The Human Behaviour Change Project team on a unique collaboration between behavioural and computer scientists.

Behaviour change is key to tackling the world’s health and environmental problems: obesity, cancer, sustainable living and countless others. Researchers, policy makers and practitioners are...

John F. Cryan addressed the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychobiology Section.

We are living in a microbial world. The microbes were there first, and in terms of genes we are more than 99 per cent microbial. As a neuroscientist it’s humbling to think that the weight of...

Robert East seeks to understand the diffusion of innovation.

I have spent much of the last two decades researching the role of word of mouth in consumer behaviour. How does innovation spread? 

Viren Swami withdrew from his newborn son. Here, he considers the lack of research and support around postnatal depression in fathers.
Employer: Midlands Psychology CIC – NHS service providers since 2010.
An exclusive extract from Elizabeth Stokoe's new book 'Talk – the Science of Conversation' (published by Robinson).
Bergljot Gjelsvik, Alice Tickell, Ruth Baer, Chris O’Neill and Catherine Crane call for more rigour and less hype.
Eloise Stark looks under the radar.

More than 1 in 100 people in the UK are estimated to have an autism spectrum condition (ASC) – a ‘triad’ of impairments related to social interaction, social communication and social...

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Elizabeth Stokoe introduces a special collection by tuning in to conversation analysis: in particular, is it better to ‘talk’ or ‘speak’? Includes contributions from José-Miguel Fernández-Dols, Saul Albert, Stuart Reeves and Martin Porcheron, Alexa Hepburn and Jenny Mandelbaum, Elliott Hoey, and Emily Hofstetter.
An exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Retirement' by Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore, part of Routledge's 'The Psychology of Everything' series. Is retirement good for your health?
An exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Chess' by Fernand Gobet, part of Routledge's 'The Psychology of Everything' series.
An exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Weather' by Trevor Harley, part of Routledge's 'The Psychology of Everything' series.
Martin Seager and Heena Chudasama on a community-based well-being initiative involving psychologists and volunteers.
Dr Anke Kossurok with experience and advice.
Mike Drayton, Jessica Memarzia and Sarah Robinson on work with NHS England.
Sergio A. Silverio with a personal take on modern constructions of ancient family values. Online exclusive.
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