In an online exclusive, Emma Radclyffe, a recent graduate of the University of Worcester, considers definitions and speaks to researchers in the field.
We speak of Dr Sarita J. Robinson about her chapter in a new book 'Doctor Who Psychology', published by Sterling; reprint the chapter; and George Sik reviews the book.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Uta Frith and Richard Nisbett reveal the roots and fruits of their most famous contributions, introduced by Robert Sternberg; plus online extras, from Adrian Furnham, Michael Gazzaniga and Susan Fiske.

A new book published by Cambridge University Press, Scientists Making a Difference, includes 100 autobiographical essays from some of...

Gareth Gaskell reviews the evidence on memory consolidation during sleep.
Alan Price, a postgraduate at the University of Salford, on the hidden epidemic of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and traumatic childhood experiences.
We speak to Professor Brian M. Hughes about his new Palgrave book ‘Rethinking Psychology’, and run an exclusive extract.
In an online exclusive, Megan Alice Jack, a psychology student and part-time customer-service assistant, considers emotional labour in such work.
In an online exclusive, David S. Smith considers patterns in male and female flirting behaviour.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Philip Davis with a case history from his multidisciplinary Centre for Research into Reading, Literature, and Society.
Jane Oakhill on her research journey and how it helped.
Albert Bandura on the increasing use of military drones and the psychology that enables it.
Kate Sweeny provides a nuanced picture of the research.
Ahead of their British Psychological Society seminar series, Line Caes and Abbie Jordan call for creativity in research design. Living with chronic health conditions during adolescence can bring particular psychological and social challenges. But do we need to make more effort to hear the voices of those affected?
In this exclusive extract from Gail Saltz's book 'The Power of Different: The Link Between Disorder and Genius', she considers the experience of having a learning difference.
An exclusive chapter from a new book 'The Fat Lady Sings', by Cheryl Fuller, published by Karnac in March.
With its relaunch, The Psychologist aims to reflect and encourage the trend for clear science communication. Here, regular contributors give their views on the benefits of engaging a wide audience. First up, Steve Reicher and Alex Haslam.
The Psychologist A-Z kicks off.
As we relaunch, our journalist Ella Rhodes considers style and impact in the printed form.
Diana Kwon on when walking in another’s shoes is not enough.
Stephen Joseph calls for more research into the psychology of authenticity.
In an online exclusive for Antibullying Week, Stephen James Minton argues that attending to prejudice is the key to improving anti-bullying research and action.
A vacancy with South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT).