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A round-up of some recent book extracts we've published here, with thanks to the publishers.

As part of a new and more varied approach to books coverage, we have liaised with several publishers in the past year or so to bring you extracts from their new offerings. These tend to be online exclusives, so we thought it would be useful to collect them together here in case any have passed you by. 

The seventh day
Toon Taris on recovery from work

Do you trust the police?
Ken Rotenberg

You can teach an old dog new tricks
Jenny Svanberg on addiction

In pursuit of memory
Joseph Jebelli on the fight against Alzheimer's

With the end in mind
Kathryn Mannix on death, dying and wisdom in an age of denial

Tennis, anyone?
Adrian Owen's adventures in life and science

Experiences of pregnancy loss
Damien W. Riggs and Elizabeth Peel

Questioning 'intensive attachment'
Val Gillies, Rosalind Edwards and Nicola Horsley

Wonder Woman: the first psychological superhero
Travis Langley

Around the house (the surprising science behind everyday calamities)
Steve Casner

Insight: the power of self-awareness in a deluded world
Tasha Eurich

A vaccine against bias (from 'The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology')
Chris Chambers

The knowledge illusion
Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach

Who makes a good companion?
Sarita Robinson

Can we think ourselves well?
Jo Marchant

Making a difference
Robert Sternberg et al

Rethinking psychology
Brian Hughes

The disengagement of morality
Albert Bandura

The future of thinking differently
Gail Saltz

Being envied in organisations
W. Gerrod Parrott

On not knowing the colour of a patient's eyes
Alan Corbett

Great psychologists as parents
David Cohen

Surrogacy families
Susan Golombok

To hell and back: Revisiting
John Marzillier

The 'hidden partner' in art
Charles Fernyhough

Despising the poor
Claudia Hammond

Relating to the most complex thing in the universe
Dean Burnett

Mindfulness comes alive
Ruby Wax

This is improbable too
Marc Abrahams

The skeleton cupboard
Tanya Byron

As mysterious as the starry skies above me
Henry Marsh

Great myths of the brain
Christian Jarrett

Down the culinary rabbit hole
Heston Blumenthal and Charles Spence

The Secret Footballer's guide to psychology

Our thanks again to all the publishers involved. If you are a publisher looking to get word of your books to our international, professional and ever-growing audience (more than 1.2 million web users in the past year), get in touch with the editor on [email protected]

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