...looks back

Elena Carrera draws lessons from the life of 16th-century mystic Teresa of Avila.
An appreciation from her colleagues.
An appreciation from Professor Michael Thomas.
Colleagues remember him.
An appreciation from David Briggs, Nigel Hopkins and Caroline Lovelock.
A tribute from Katja Windheim and Ann-Marie Catterell.
Marjory Harper delves into archives for tales of alien environments and unfulfilled expectations.
British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology-Scotland Service User and Carer Representative from 2010-2016.
A tribute from Nicky Elliman, Pauline Jas and Olga van den Akker.
A tribute by Sue Sherman, Mike Burton and Monika McNeill.
Hazel McLaughlin with an appreciation.
Scholars are finding that medieval science – in various fields – is more sophisticated than previously thought. Corinne Saunders and Charles Fernyhough show that psychology is no exception.
David Pilgrim considers vitalism and other explanations of what it is to be human.
An appreciation of the Emeritus Professor from Ulster University.
Joanna Bourke looks into physical and emotional wounding after the First World War.
Professor Helen Haste (University of Bath) with an appreciation.
Derek Collett looks at the life and psychological novels of Nigel Balchin.
An appreciation.
Dorothy Bishop celebrates the career of one of her academic heroes, Reuben Conrad, as he reaches 100.
Juliet Grayson and Sally Potter with an appreciation.
Neil Frude with an appreciation.
Remembered by his wife Kathleen.
Memories from Dr Heather Hill, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio
Edgar Jones explores how British people responded to air raids during the Second World War, and what this tells us about coping under extreme stress.
The Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Open University, remembered by Marc Eisenstadt.