...looks back

David Cohen delves into some intriguing and bizarre connections

Elizabeth Valentine on psychologists and psychical research between the wars

Larry Stern on an ‘extraordinary and subversive’ journal

Anne Stiles discovers a fascinating commentary on mind and body in illness in the work of Frances Hodgson Burnett

David Pilgrim offers an alternative to radical constructionism and naive realism

Current Managing Editor Jon Sutton marks the anniversary with the help of his predecessors

Michael S. Gordon on how philosophers and early psychologists conceptualised our sensory abilities

Ciarán O’Keeffe marks the 20th anniversary of a notorious BBC Halloween special with a look at its legacy and links with psychology

Jennifer Wallis investigates the history of ‘general paralysis of the insane’ in the Victorian asylum.

Alison Torn on the colourful case of Mary Barnes

C. James Goodwin recounts the 1920 visit of an American psychologist to Great Britain

Tadhg MacIntyre on the contribution of sport and exercise psychology and the Olympics to mainstream psychology

What was life like within Leicestershire’s first lunatic asylum? Diane Lockley turns to the historical records.

Richard S. Hallam and Michael P. Bender recount a tragic tale

Chris Goodey on how the archaic concepts of ‘honour’ and ‘grace’ may be the very foundations of psychological inquiry

Trevor Butt finds an interesting recurring theme in the later work of the famous personality theorist

Oliver Robinson on the history of the idiographic/nomothetic debate

Jörgen L. Pind examines Edgar Rubin’s dissertation on the figure–ground distinction, one of the great classics of perceptual psychology

Sandy Lovie and Pat Lovie on the life and influence of Charles Edward Spearman

Robert S. Gable on how he and his brother invented electronic monitoring, but with an early emphasis on positive reinforcement

Alison Torn investigates the strange case of Margery Kempe

Richard Overy, Professor of History at the University of Exeter, in conversation with Stephen Reicher and Alex Haslam

Film scholar Kathryn Millard looks at Stanley Milgram as filmmaker. For Kathryn's new film on the subject, see http://shockroomfilm.com

Jerry M. Burger updates the enduring legacy of the Milgram Obedience Studies

Stanley Milgram’s widow, Alexandra Milgram, with her personal take on his life