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A phoenix rises from the Nazi book burning. Toni Brennan looks at the life of Charlotte Wolff (1897–1986)

In April 2007 a 21-minute installation ‘Everything I Need’ (Buckingham, 2007) premiered in Hampstead, London, a very short walk from the house where Sigmund Freud, fleeing the Nazi regime that had...

A year on from the appearance of the Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith on the £20 note, Sandy Lovie offers a new perspective on his life

Julie Perks with some insights from the history of a different ‘Psychologist’ magazine. Has popular psychology changed?

The other woman - Elizabeth Valentine kicks off our new section on the history of psychology with the fascinating story of Nellie Carey.

Sixteen women became members of the British Psychological Society between its foundation in 1901 and the massive expansion of membership in 1919. In the early days women constituted about 15 per...