Lance Workman meets Gerd Gigerenzer, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the Harding Center for Risk Literacy in Berlin.
Professor Mary Aiken discusses cyberpsychology and her role in a major TV series.
Ian Florance interviews Siobhan O’Neill, around her policy work on suicide and self-harm.
Karen M. Zabrucky (Professor of Psychology at Georgia State University) describes how a tragic incident influenced her career as a cognitive psychologist.
Cary Cooper tells Gail Kinman about his efforts to change occupational culture through wide dissemination of psychological theory and research.
Dr Khadj Rouf interviews Dr Jemma Hogwood, Clinical Psychologist, about her work with survivors of the Rwandan genocide.
'One on One' with Professor Peter Fonagy, winner of the prestigious British Academy Wiley Prize in Psychology.
Dr Bryn Alexander Coles, Rebecca Fellows and Aksa Anwar on shifting identities in a Newman University scheme.
Psychology graduate Melanthe Grand interviews her mother, Chartered Psychologist and novelist Voula Grand.
Ian Florance interviews Doyin Atewologun.
One on one… with Jo Silvester
Jon Sutton talks to Douglas Vakoch, clinical psychologist and Director of Interstellar Message Composition at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
We pay tribute to the neurologist and author.
Ian Florance talks to Camilla Sanger.
Tina Rae on her work as an educational and child psychologist.
Mike Aitken Deakin addresses the thousands of new undergraduates getting this issue free, urging them to enjoy the experience and get what they want out of it.
Lance Workman questions Richard Stevens on the Open University, consciousness, happiness and more.
‘I love hearing people’s stories’
Aleesha Begum describes her work with individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
Fiona Sweeney outlines an unusual role.
Jackie Sykes and Chris Welford talk to Ian Florance about partnership working.
'Put down your data and go out for a walk'
Sangita Bhandari on her role with a UK education charity working in Nepal.
Ian Florance talks to Professor Susan Golombok.
Jon Sutton meets clinical psychologist Fleur-Michelle Coiffait to hear about her work with Leicestershire Partnership Trust.