Mallory Wober reflects on two novels by Sebastian Faulks

Including Ten Zen Questions,The Cognitive Behaviour Counselling Primer, Personality Disorder:
The Definitive Reader, Bodies, Vygotsky at Work and Play.

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Including Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology: A Textbook for Trainees and Practitioners; What Should I Believe; Women at the Top; Grief in Young Children: A Handbook for Adults

Including web-only reviews

Sallie Baxendale looks at a psychological case study in literature

Psychologies of liberation; human intelligence; criminal psychology; drugs; and supervision in clinical practice

Including neuroplasticity, forensic psychology, cognition and sex differences, and more

Including web-only reviews.

Including web-only reviews.

Including women mind doctors, female violence, children's dreams and a host of web-only reviews.

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This month's reviews, including several web-only reviews.

This months' reviews and books available for review

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Mental fitness; interpersonal psychotherapy; clinical psychology and heart disease; cognitive dissonance; statistics; and more

Positive psychology; Bayesian rationality; violent video games; and more

Zimbardo's 'The Lucifer Effect' reviewed.