Kate Johnstone reviews 'The not so secret life of the manic depressive', part of the BBC's 'In the Mind' series.
Michelle Cree reflects on BBC One’s 'My Baby, Psychosis, and Me', part of the 'In the Mind' series.
Jenny Doe reviews the 'States of Mind' exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London.
Deborah Husbands reviews two events from the Southbank Centre's 'Changing Minds' festival.
Including 'Anxious' by Joseph LeDoux.
Colin Cooper's book, reviewed.
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Image by George Harding. Words by Victoria Tischler. Review by Kate Johnstone.
Tina McGuff reviews BBC Radio 4's 'Rethinking anorexia nervosa'.
Sally Marlow reviews 'Dark Circus' in the London International Mime Festival at the Barbican.
Professor Bruce Hood (University of Bristol) views the first two episodes of 'The Brain With David Eagleman'.
Our editor Jon Sutton with a non-review of The Revenant.
Kate Johnstone (Associate Editor, Reviews) on 'Room', the new Canadian-Irish drama film directed by Lenny Abrahamson and written by Emma Donoghue.
A review of Nancy Tucker's book.
Kate Williams reviews the new book from Ruby Wax - and we publish an exclusive extract.
Two books reviewed in our January 2016 issue.
Marc Scully (Loughborough University) reviews the British Museum's exhibition 'Celts: Art and Identity'.
Dr Oliver Sindall reflects on BBC2’s ‘The Truth about Child Sexual Abuse’.
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Kate Johnstone (Associate Editor for Reviews) on 'Beasts of no Nation'.
Are links evident between Floating Points’ neuroscience background and his album Elaenia?
Books from the December issue (including web-only).
Dr Jeremy Swinson on a film directed by Bill Pohlid.