Edition 12

The Chairs of the Boards with their views on what the next 100 years has in store for psychology, a centenary lecture from Mike Burton on the use of CCTV, and a biography of Kenneth Craik.

Mental health act, consciousness, online resources, Big Brother, and nonsensical questions.

Including the President's column, a conference report from the Northern Ireland Branch, and a news analysis from Nigel Hunt (Nottingham Trent University) on the psychological effects of war on the victims and a forgotten group - soldiers.

Mark Faulkner on avoiding the viva from hell.

Postgraduate students normally dread their viva, their heads filled with horror stories from playful colleagues about their ‘viva from hell’.
But in reality most are anything but a nightmare...

Wendy Argent unravels a knotty problem.

IT’LL have to be the ducks today,’ he murmurs, setting out his clothes on the bed. As he picks up the blue tie,
I realise that what I had previously seen as its cream splodgy pattern is in...

Andrew M. Colman discusses the specialist vocabulary of psychology and the problems of compiling a psychological dictionary.

PSYCHOLOGY emerged as an independent discipline in Germany in the 1880s and immediately began accumulating a specialised vocabulary. The boundaries of this vast lexicon are ill-defined and...