Edition 11

Ian Rivers, winner of the Society’s Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity 2001, considers the social inclusion of lesbians and gay men.

IN his series of exchanges with fellow author Laurence Thomas, the American philosopher Michael Levin described his opposition to the introduction of legislation that would seek to criminalise...

The theme of this year’s British Association Festival of Science (University of Leicester, 9–13 September) was ‘Science and the quality of life’. Jon Sutton reports.

Including President's column and news.

Including Erica Warner on the Standing Committee for the Promotion of Equality of Opportunity.

Meg Barker considers news depictions of children as victims and perpetrators of ‘evil’ acts.

The popular press often focuses on crimes involving children – whether as victims or perpetrators. In recent years coverage has frequently reached ‘moral panic’ proportions in the UK, with...