Edition 12

Jim McCourt interviews Dominic Upton, Chair of the BPS Branches Forum.

Peter Stannett on equal opportunities in psychology.

I am someone with athetoid cerebral palsy and a strong interest in physiology and psychology.
I graduated in psychology and then completed an MSc in health psychology. One of my initial (but...

Including President's Column, news, and a news analysis by Noreen Tehrani on what psychologists can offer in the wake of recent traumatic events.

Geraldine O'Hare on the Soham murders and The Psychologist drug controversy.

Michelle Brown.

AS part of my course at the University of Bath, each student has to complete a mandatory 30-week placement in the third year. Having a strong interest in memory and a grandfather who suffered from...

Roger Lamb and Mary Sissons Joshi pay tribute to social psychologist Michael Argyle, who died on 6 September.

PROFESSOR Michael Argyle was arguably the most internationally respected British social psychologist. He did more than any other individual in the UK to define the scope of social psychology, and...

At the Annual Conference in Blackpool Vicki Bruce gave her Presidential Address on getting psychological research to the people who use it.

In this article I will argue that the UK Research Assessment Exercise, while useful in some respects, is in danger
of limiting the wider dissemination and application of research findings....