Edition 7

Sue Gardner (Ethics Committee), Pam Briggs and Camilla Herbert (Press Committee) seek your views on new challenges facing psychologists in the media.

THERE can be no doubt that in general the interaction between psychologists and the media has been beneficial to the discipline. But the celebrity article, PR company ‘surveys’, and TV programmes...

Including Chris Bearman on how to apply for a PhD.

President's column, news, and a report by the Society's Parliamentary Representative Judi Ellis on a scientific meeting.

Andrew Scott McLean on running a psychology society.

Sharandeep Sanghara (undergraduate) and Laura Mitchell (postgraduate) with their winning essays on helping children with eating disorders and the pain-relieving properties of music.

At his Distinguished Contributions to the Teaching of Psychology Award Lecture Tony Gale argued that the Society’s accreditation of the psychology degree has hindered the growth of the discipline.

In 1967 rebellious heads of department met at Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, to protest against the Society’s move towards a national curriculum. The Society wanted to specify not only a curriculum but...