Edition 4

Zander Wedderburn took over as BPS President at the AGM in Bournemouth. We chatted about oil tankers, mystery shoppers and frogs.

Including President's column, news, and a news analysis from Jackie Craissati (Oxleas NHS Trust) on internet pornography and the treatment of sex offenders.

Rhys Thatcher on the PsyPAG Winter Workshop.

Trevor Butt (University of Huddersfield) interviews Phil Salmon.

Dr Phil Salmon is a past chair of the Psychotherapy Section. She is also an experienced teacher and supervisor, and has written on a wide range of topics in psychology. To celebrate her 70th...

What’s it like to smell pain and taste words? Jamie Ward on the unusual world of the synaesthete.

What colour is the letter A? What does the number 1 taste of? Does listening to music, speaking or eating food produce colours, shapes or textures? For most people, questions such as these will...

Salvador Algarabel and Juan V. Luciano with an outline of the state of psychology in their country.

Although the roots of scientific psychology in Spain are as old as in other European countries, its modern establishment as a profession and its study in the majority of Spanish universities is...