Edition 1

Steven Schwartz argues that psychology teaching should take heed of psychological research and offer more ‘problem-based learning’.

Studies of learning and cognition have dominated psychology for 150 years. The findings of this research have had important implications for education (Bransford et al., 2000). Yet, psychological...

Adrian J. Scott

Steve Newstead believes psychology can improve
the reliability and validity of student assessment.

A COLLEAGUE recently suggested to me over coffee, only half in jest, that we should completely abandon the assessment of students. He pointed out that we have a good idea of what sort of degree...

Adrian Furnham discusses how psychology can improve the experience for our overseas visitors.

Students have travelled from one country to another for centuries, particularly in Europe. They have often faced problems: an early study in America, published in 1925, listed difficulties for...

Including President's column, news, and conference reports (including one on the Royal Society 'science of well-being' event).

Including Geoff Lindsay with the latest on Statutory Regulation.