Edition 6

Do we believe in magic? And if we do, then why? Eugene Subbotsky investigates.

IS there any connection between the thought process of an adult refusing to walk under a ladder and a child scared by a toy lion that has ‘come to life’? How can magical thinking protect us, or...

Following recent articles in The Psychologist on the Rorschach test, John T. E. Richardson looks at its prehistory.

From at least the time of Leonardo da Vinci, artists and scholars have described the imaginative interpretation of naturally occurring phenomena such as rocks or cloud formations. Many early...

Angela Clow, Chair of the Standing Conference Committee, introduces our reports from this year’s Annual Conference in London and seeks your views on the future for the Society’s main event.

WHAT does the BPS Annual Conference mean to you?
Is it a must for your diary; something you would like to attend if you had the time and money; or does the whole thing simply pass you by?...

Including the President's column, news, and a news analysis article by Clifford Stott and Otto Adang on the social psychology of football 'hooliganism'.

Sophie Monaghan on getting a foot on the ladder.