Edition 7

Gerard Bailes looks for the reality behind the TV depictions.

Protected only by his designer suit, the police psychologist strolls calmly past the firearms unit, who are crouched behind a brick wall and sweating in heavy body armour. Sharing a joke with them...

Including President's column, news and an update from Geoff Lindsay (Chair of the BPS Working Party on Statutory Regulation).

Mark McDermott reports on the coverage of blame and responsibility in Abu Ghraib.

Nicola Hills reports from the SMG conference.

In the undergraduate category, Alexa Ispas looks at repairing historical rifts - is collective guilt the answer? Then in the postgraduate category, Susan Rasmussen looks at the imperfection of perfectionism.

John Marzillier argues against ‘outcome research’.

Evidence-based psychotherapy seems a reasonable aspiration. There are many weird and wonderful treatments in the field; surely it makes sense to know whether or not they work? This was the...