Edition 10

Sergio Della Sala on the bizarre ‘Dr Strangelove syndrome’ and what it tells us about free will.

Jon Sutton interviews Professor Susan Greenfield.

You once said ‘I studied classics at school, psychology as an undergraduate, and only switched to science as a postdoc’ [see tinyurl.com/9pum2]. A slip of the tongue, or is psychology an art?...

Chris Moulin and Fiona Jones on the BPS media database.

Including the 2005 Book Award for Professor Mel Goodale and Professor David Milner; Society response on workplace smoking; ehtics column on descriptions and competence.

Adrian White on violence in workplace, and the Psy-PAG committee on getting the most out of being a postgrad.

Paul Singh Ghuman on Asian girls in the West.

Meera Syal describes her life as schizophrenic, acknowledging that much of the creative impetus for her writing and performing comes from the clash of two cultures she has grown up with… ‘a lot of...

Ian J. Deary delivered the Hans Eysenck Memorial Lecture, on the new field of cognitive epidemiology, at the Annual Conference.

Whether you live to collect your old-age pension depends in part on your IQ at age 11. You just can’t keep a good predictor down.
Scores on psychometric intelligence tests (IQ for short) are...

Including sex and intelligence, terrorism, CPD and more.

John Read wonders what happened to the ‘psycho’ and ‘social’ in explanations of mental illness.