Edition 12

Nobody likes you… what now? Roy Baumeister describes some surprising experimental effects, in the final contribution for the Society’s ‘Year of Relationships’.

‘The tribe has spoken.’ ‘You’re fired.’ ‘You may now leave the Big Brother house.’ The language and storylines of reality television focus relentlessly on rejection. Apparently the spectacle of...

Following September’s Dispatches programme ‘The Dyslexia Myth’, The Psychologist featured an article by Rod Nicolson in the November issue (‘Dyslexia: Beyond the myth’). Here, Julian Elliott, who featured prominently in the original programme, responds to Nicolson’s article. We also present the views of others who wrote to our Letters page concerning the topic. All have been edited.

At last we have a new London office,
30 Tabernacle Street, a preserved steel and brick facade over 100 years old (see photograph on p.757) and inside it a seven-floor new building.