Edition 2

Guest Editors Manfusa Shams and Paul Jackson introduce the special issue.

Since the first laboratory experiments by Wilhelm Wundt in 1898, psychology has developed rapidly. No longer reliant on the white-coated Prof studying rats or, at best, students in a lab,...

Frank Tallis asks whether psychologists should take lovesickness more seriously.

Truly, madly, deeply. If you haven’t actually said those words, you’ve probably thought them – and they are very revealing. They suggest that, as a society, we consider ‘madness’ to be as...

This annual student event saw 650 people attend the day of lectures at Kensington Town Hall in December. November had seen the previous year’s London speakers in Edinburgh, a pattern due to be repeated in 2005. Here, Jon Sutton and Simon Bignell (University of Essex) present reports from the London event.

News special on the tsunami and response.

Debbie Smith and Natasha Coppins offer some advice to postgraduates who teach.