Edition 4

The first column from incoming President Graham Powell.

Including your questions on statutory regulation.

Jo Roos on the stuff that research is made of.

In response to our special issue Gustav Jahoda sets out a different historical analysis of cross-cultural psychology and finds the concepts of ‘indigenous psychology’ and ‘universal psychology’ hard to pin down.

IN their February special issue ‘Bringing psychology to all societies’, the three contributors (Ingrid Lunt, Kwang-Kuo Hwang and Carl Martin Allwood) dealt with some important though controversial...

Stephen Joseph interviews Professor David Lane, Chair of the BPS Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy, about psychotherapy and the establishment of this new professional route within the BPS.

Jane Ogden argues that psychological solutions are not always best.

Obesity is mainly seen by health professionals as a psychological problem relating to beliefs and two key behaviours – overeating and underactivity. As a result, obesity has traditionally been...

Paul Chadwick and Helen Croker on why psychological intervention is the best option.

AS anyone who has tried to lose weight will know, it is not easy. Rely on willpower or calorie counting alone, and try as you might you can’t squeeze into that smaller size. But surely some...

Jane Wardle on how environments, genes and behaviour interact to cause obesity – and what psychologists can do about it.

Obesity is associated with serious health risks. The odds
of contracting diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer and arthritis are markedly higher in obese than in normal-weight adults (...