Edition 9

Including the Book Award, fellowship citation, informed consent and more.

Including the pictorial world of the child, CBT for dummies and more.

Charlotte Malcolm on student-led study groups, and Sharron Hinchcliff on the importance of consulting original sources.

Freud understood that remembering is motivated by goals and nonconscious processes. Martin A. Conway reflects on his ideas.

Memories are curious things. Sometimes they masquerade as thoughts, feelings, or images, without revealing themselves as memories. Sometimes they come to mind and seem relatively meaningless,...

Mick Power on theoretical and practical influences.

Freud, and the general domain of psychoanalytic thought, have always been controversial. In our lifetime, much of the attack on psychoanalysis has come from within psychology; in particular, on...

Wendy Hollway on how Freud has influenced her thinking on theory and method.

I’m increasingly impressed with how radical a thinker Freud was, now that I appreciate what it takes to excavate anxiety-provoking experience for the purposes of understanding. Freud identified...