Edition 11

Media responsibilities; and more

The annual festival of the British Association for the Advancement of Science is an event dedicated to improving communication between scientists and the rest of the world. So it seems rather...

The Society's parliamentary process; generic practice guidelines; Expert Witness Working Party guidelines; and more

Research as a voyage of discovery

Positive psychology; Bayesian rationality; violent video games; and more

Brady Wagoner, Alex Gillespie and Gerard Duveen on an internet archive of Bartlett's work, and how he may have viewed it

Martin Graff writes on another dimension in infidelity

Scott Seider, Katie Davis and Howard Gardner with a new paradigm for considering ethical dilemmas and quality in psychology

Nigel Hunt interviews Airi Hautamaki about life as a psychologist in Finland and her work on attachment

Philip J. Corr's Eysenck Memorial Lecture from 2007.

NICE Guidelines; sadism; cultural lessons from the arts; IQ rise; the health of UK psychology; and more