Edition 3

Nigel Hunt interviews Ian Robbins about famine, war, and Cagney and Lacey

From the front line
IT has been a long and winding road for Ian Robbins, taking the scenic route from psychiatric nurse to consultant clinical psychologist via famine relief work in Uganda,...

In defence of the code of ethics and conduct; climate change; and more

Maintaining a balance

THE letter in last month’s edition from Cole Davies (‘The BPS – value for money in the public service’) and the comments from the President highlight the dilemma of a...

House of Lords debate on statutory regulation; gambling report; conspiracy theories; a selection from the Division of Occupational Psychology annual conference; and more

Statutory regulation debated in House of Lords

The debate over the future of our profession reached the House of Lords in February, with Lord Alderdice asking the government what progress...

Ray Miller signs off

‘Who knows where the time goes?’
Sandy Denny wrote the song in 1967, the ‘Summer of Love’. The sentiment remains as true today. The future advances on us inexorably and the only constant is...

Become a British Association media fellow

My life as a media fellow
Courtenay Frazier Norbury encourages participation in the British Association scheme.
THE British Association for the Advancement of Science Media Fellowship...

New disability guidelines; report from the Policy Support Unit; and lifetime achievement award

New disability guidelines THE British Psychological Society has published a new report Clinical Psychology Training and Disability: Information, Guidance and Good Practice Guidelines. Published...

History of psychology; obesity; and more

International rescue

Internationalizing the History of Psychology
Adrian C.Brock (Ed.)
New York: New York University Press; 2006;
Hb £34.95 (ISBN 0 8147 9944 2)

Rogue male undergraduates?

Do we have rogue males amongst our undergraduates?

HAVE you noticed any sex differences amongst psychology undergraduates? You have probably noted an unequal sex distribution, males being...

Nimisha Patel and Aruna Mahtani urge you to reconsider your research and practice

The politics of working with refugee survivors of torture
The plight of refugee people often results from structural inequalities and gross human rights violations, including genocide,...

Melinda Rees, Pennie Blackburn, Damon Lab and Jane Herlihy offer some advice

Working with asylum seekers in a clinical setting
To many mental health professionals, working with asylum seekers may appear to be a specialist area that requires particular expertise....